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Junk Faxes

People are always sending “The 800 Directory” e-mails looking for information on toll free numbers listed in junk/spam faxes. They want the information so they can contact the companies sending the faxes and make them stop. Unfortunately these companies don’t list their numbers with us. They make sure and hide any contact information but the toll free number. That way when things start getting too hot, all they have to do is change their toll free number and they disappear.

However, there is a way to deal with problem faxes: On line Faxing Services

Most faxing services offer two things that will help:

  1. Spam/Junk Fax FiltersĀ  -These filters will move junk/spam faxes into a junk folder (just like e-mail spam filters). While you will still be paying for these faxes, you will not be see them or using resources to print them.
  2. Block lists – This lets you block certain people from sending you faxes, some services even provide you with lists to help you in stopping problem faxes.

There are other advantages to use on line faxing. It sends faxes to your e-mail saving you time and effort looking at the fax machine. It saves paper, they are never busy, can’t jam or run out of paper. If you still have a fax machine and are paying for a fax line ($30-$60 per month), on line faxing should save you money. Think you’ll find your current local fax line cost greater than the fax service.

The only downside to using on line faxing is you have to scan your documents into your computer to send them out. Once you have he document in the computer it’s just as easy to send an e-mail, but then some people demand it as a fax and then you use your service.

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