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McAfee Update Crashes Some Computers

Automatic updates in anti virus programs have caused me problems for years. On many occasions customers would call because their e-mail programs couldn’t connect to the mail server.  I’d spend a couple of minutes checking the obvious stuff-like are they connected to the Internet. Then the next step would be to turn off anti virus and/or firewall software. Like magic that alway seemed to fix the problem, the customers almost always asked, “Why did it just now stop working, I didn’t change anything?”.

Those un-noticed and un-asked for changes these programs make are not always as harmless as they would like you to believe. Just last week a McAfee antivirus update wrongly identified a critical Windows system file as a low-threat virus and removed it.  Apparently thousands of computers refused to boot properly, lost their network connections, or had both problems.

In my mind I can see all those people looking at their computers and thinking, what happened I didn’t change anything.

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  1. Toll Free says:

    Gone are the days when McAfee and Norton ruled the anti-virus industry. Today, there are more antivirus you can choose from which are more cheaper and less resource-hungry.